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Ab Initio (meaning “from first principles”) is a global software company headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts. For more than 25 years, Ab Initio has worked with the largest and most sophisticated organisations across verticals such as Telecom, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, High-Tech, Transportation, Manufacturing and Government, among others, to assure their business success. 

Ab Initio is unique. We do not acquire other companies or other technologies. All Ab Initio products are created by Ab Initio developers, at Ab Initio’s headquarter campus (in Lexington Massachusetts, USA), ensuring complete integration across the platform. Accordingly, Ab Initio products are designed from the beginning to provide a single, cohesive technology platform for scalable, high performance data processing, integration, and governance. 

Ab Initio field consultants and strategic consultants are simply the best in the business, combining both wide and deep knowledge of relevant technologies with long experience in each of our customer verticals.

Our software uses a graphical development paradigm which embeds test automation, this enables rapid iterations through to real demonstrations to the business or senior IT stakeholders; this drives effective understanding and allows course corrections as you drive towards the final deliverables.  

Ab Initio offers unparalleled support for its software. Many of its technical support personnel, called Internal Consultants, have Ph.D.s in Computer Science, Maths, Physics, and related fields. And they all do whatever it takes to make our customers successful.